With many different accommodation options coming up on the holiday rental market and the success of websites offering the possibility to book holiday homes and residential spaces, there is an increasing trend among business travellers to choose rental accommodation when travelling for work, instead of a business hotel.

Villa rentals also offer the ideal space to organise a corporate retreat, seminars, team building, product presentations, photo shoots and other corporate events.

Those who frequently travel for business can quickly grow tired of generic business hotels which all look the same and lack a unique character or a comfortable homely feel. Especially for those who have to stay away from home for several weeks at a time, a long-term stay in a boring hotel room can be lonely and isolating. Not surprisingly, many miss the comfort and spaciousness of a real home, and for this reason and many others would prefer to stay in a holiday home or apartment instead of a hotel. Staying in a vacation home definitely offers a more pleasant, comfortable and memorable experience for the business traveller.

A home away from home

In contrast to a cramped hotel room, a vacation rental offers a unique and spacious space which includes an equipped kitchen, living and dining rooms, and outdoor areas like balconies and patios. Many offer the usual amenities like wifi and televisions, but also others you’d never find in a hotel, like washing machines, dishwashers, private pools, entertainment systems, cinema rooms and private parking. Some villas even offer home offices or meetings rooms.

Being able to make a cup of coffee and your own breakfast in the morning makes you feel like you’re living an exciting life abroad in your own exotic villa, rather than being trapped in a dreary hotel.

The chance to prepare healthy meals

Many frequent travellers do not enjoy eating out on a daily basis during long business trips. It’s difficult to stay healthy on a steady diet of restaurant food or take-aways, and some solo business travellers are not comfortable dining alone in restaurants.
Having a well-equipped kitchen at your disposal means you have the possibility to make healthy meals, just the way you like them. For those who don’t like to cook, many vacation properties offer the services of a chef who can prepare meals according to their guests’ needs and preferences.

The more the merrier

Renting a vacation home is especially convenient for businesspeople who travel together with other colleagues or business partners. Instead of reserving multiple hotel rooms, costs can be kept down by sharing a vacation property with multiple bedrooms. Sharing a collective space is great for team building and convenient for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions in a spacious living room or on an outdoor patio. Colleagues can also bond by preparing a meal together or sharing a drink by the private pool at the end of the day.

Entertaining is easy

Many businesspeople who need to host or entertain clients during their trip prefer to have a spacious vacation property at their disposal. The living and dining spaces can be used to receive and entertain clients in a cosy and informal atmosphere over cocktails, or even a gourmet meal prepared by the services of an expert chef.

Families can share the experience

Business travellers who have to stay away from home for weeks at a time often prefer to be accompanied by their partners and families. A vacation rental offers the extra space needed for family members and all the conveniences and amenities of a real home, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Instead of a long-term separation, a business trip can double as a memorable family vacation and even a shared experience of living abroad.

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By Isabel Putinja.