A truly hidden gem in Bruges, Belgium. 

I was taken on a sunny spring Saturday to this wonderful little patisserie, hidden in a cul-de-sac in the old town of Bruges, located in what was formally a monastery. Unless you are a local, you won’t know about it.


We were welcomed by the owner and passionate pastry chef, Luc Nonneman, or “The lange Bakker”. The tiny shop, situated in Mr. Nonneman’s home,  is a temple of freshly prepared apple or lemon tarts, chocolate cakes, meringues, madeleines and intoxicating aromas of butter, vanilla and cinnamon.

Luc, a graphic designer by trade, attended a few years ago a school to become pastry chef and baker, which led him to open his little shop a year ago.


We purchased an apple tart, meringues, brownies and melo-cakes enough for 8 people for just €16! Plus my kids were given a couple of meringues to savour. The melo-cakes (a crispy biscuit base, an airy marshmallow filling, all covered by delicate Belgian chocolate) were the best I have eaten in ages.


(©De lange Bakker)

Luc is known in Bruges for having created, in partnership with the Museum of Bruges, ” ‘t Brugs Beertje”, a cookie in the shape of a bear, the symbol of the town of Bruges. Coriander and orange give the biscuit a distinctive taste. The combination of these two ingredients was last used in the middle ages.

Luc will also cater for your special occasions such as parties, weddings, communions and other celebratory events.


(©De lange Bakker)

“De lange Bakker” is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 18.

The shop is located in Ganzenplein 5, 8000 Bruges, Belgium. www.citroencitroen.be.