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Mother’s Day Luxury Travel Gifts

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Best gift ideas for luxury travel mums on Mother’s Day – March 14th 2021

A gift card to the CALM APP

The #1 App for Meditation and Sleep. And which mum doesn’t need sleep! A subscriber myself, I can highly recommend this App to unwind after a busy day in lockdown, working and homeschooling. From relaxing music to guided meditation, from mind training exercises to sleep stories.

Visit Calm for more info on Gift Cards.

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Moment of Rose Indulgence – Aromatherapy Associates

A luxurious wellbeing gift set reminding mums to take a moment for themselves.

The travel size set includes:
Rose Bath & Shower Oil – 55ml
Relax Candle – 70g
Skin Treatment Hydrosol Sheet Mask – 12ml

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Borbonese Bags

Mum, we know, need large bags. The bigger the better to carry everything from groceries, make-up, toys, first aid kits, snacks, books, dispensing like a magic box.

This double, large Borbonese bag, with its icon pattern, is great for shopping and traveling. I wouldn’t mind one myself.

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Villoresi, Tinte de Neige

I adore the smell of Villoresi’s Tent de Neige, with its unmistakable aroma of perfumed powders. Subtly imbued with the richness of natural extracts from precious Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang flowers to evoke the delicate beauty and femininity of the Belle Époque.

The 15ml travel size format comes with an elegant light grey velvet pouch.

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Jo Malone Travel Candles

Travel size candles in Jo Malone’s most-loved scents such as Pomegranate Noir or Lime Basil&Mandarin to recreate your home from home everywhere you go. I wouldn’t mind an English Pear&Freeesia one myself. Wink, wink.

Mother's Day Gift Idea