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Orthodox Easter Tour April 29th to May 2nd

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Passepartout Homes in partnership with Villa Gella is pleased to offer you a four-day tour discovering Bulgaria and its marvels.

The tour will begin on April 20th until May 2nd, 2016, during Orthodox Easter.

Villa Gella, dining al-fresco

Villa Gella, dining al-fresco


Day 1 (Friday): Arrival and introduction to the city of Sofia Arrival in Sofia.

Visit to:

  • The Boyana Church (Unesco Heritage Site) – the church, hidden among rare redwood-tree forest in a Sofia suburb, owes its worldwide popularity to its frescoes dating back to 1259. Scholars consider these frescoes to be the precursor of the European Renaissance, as the images of saints and aristocrats are endowed with humanism and realism unknown in church paintings until then.
  • On the way to Villa Gella, a visit to Bachkovo Monastery (UNESCO Tentative List) with its lavishly frescoed Main Church and a Refectory built in 1622 with wall paintings of biblical personages next to ancient philosophers – vault’s composition represents the tree of Jesse and in the lower part 12 Greek philosophers, statesmen and poets, portrayed in full length, keeping scrolls with their credo in hand. A mass is held by the resident monks at 6pm every evening.
  • Dinner at Villa Gella.
Boyana Church. Image courtesy of unesco.org. Photo by Vincent Ko Hon Chiu

Boyana Church. Image courtesy of unesco.org. Photo by Vincent Ko Hon Chiu


 Day 2 (Saturday): In the footsteps of Orpheus

  • Breakfast at Villa Gella – a discussion about Easter tradition.
  • Dyeing Easter eggs and preparing for the Easter celebration.
  • Lunch at Villa Gella.
  • Use of villa facilities: indoor swimming pool, steam room, herbal baths with a juniper, mint or nettle. Professional therapist offers deep tissue massage, herbal and honey wraps; a beautician is also available. Light mountain walks. Other activities include: petanque and badminton, horseback riding, guided mountain climbing, mountain biking.
  • Dinner at Villa Gella.
Wild life around Villa Gella

Wild life around Villa Gella

Day 3 (Sunday): Easter celebration

  • Breakfast at the villa with kozunak, a sweet yeast-raised bread with raisins and nuts and a special “dyed eggs fight”. The winning egg is a symbol of good health to be bestowed on its holder.
  • A walk to the Chapel St Ilya and a meeting with the local icon painter Nikola – a young man from the area who in a dream received a message from God to become an icon painter and restore the chapel, to a stunning effect.
  • Lunch at the villa.
  • Use of villa facilities: indoor swimming pool, steam room, massages. Light mountain walks. Other activities include: petanque and badminton, horseback riding, guided mountain climbing, mountain biking.
  • Bagpipe concert at Villa Gella – exploring the ancient art of making and playing bagpipes. Dinner at Villa Gela.


Day 4 (Monday): A visit the city of Plovdiv and transfer to the airport.

  • Early morning departure for the city of Plovdiv. Time of departure from the villa depends on the flight departure time from Sofia or Plovdiv airport.
  • Drive to the town of Plovdiv – known in antiquity as Philipopolis by the name of its founder Philip, the father of Alexander the Great, with its well-preserved antique Roman theatre and partially revealed stadium. In the 19th century it became the centre of the Bulgarian revival and features beautiful houses and churches built by the new merchant class towards the end of the Ottoman empire. Its old quarter is on the Unesco Tentative List. Among the sites we see:

• the Roman theater and the Roman stadium.

• the Hadji Kuiumdjioglu house, built in 1847 with a splendid facade, a courtyard full of greenery and a marble fountain.

• the Hisar Fortress Gate built of stone surrounded by pieces of red brick, used as a foundation of the Hadji Kuiumdjioglu house, • Hindlyan’s house, built in 1834.

  • Departure for Sofia airport.



Cost of the Package

April 29th to May 2nd, 2016.

The package rate per person per night on a double occupancy basis is GBP185 and includes:
– Accommodation
– Full board
– Special Easter breakfast and lunch
– Transfer from and to Sofia airport
– Sightseeing tours in Sofia and Plovdiv
– A bagpipe concert

To book and for more information please contact Passepartout Homes:

Phone: +32 50 699910

Email: [email protected]



About your accommodation

During your 4 day tour you will be saying at luxury Villa Gella located in the village of Gela, Rhode Mountains. a 6 bedrooms villa with indoor pool,which can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Villa Gella is an ideal place for a family holiday or for an intimate gathering of friends, for an unforgettable honeymoon, for senior management corporate offsites or as a celebrity retreat away from the prying eye.

Villa Gella offers an authentic and luxurious experience in the wilderness of the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, an area of outstanding natural beauty, steeped in history and culture. Nestling in the sleepy hamlet of Gela, the birthplace of the legendary musician Orpheus, this restored six-bedroom villa, at an altitude of 1,700m, commands magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

Villa Gella has six distinctive bedrooms, each enjoying spectacular views and providing a luxurious bed, ample space for relaxation and the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace. The spacious living and dining room is at the heart of the house, a place to enjoy superb cooking by the villa’s private chef, afternoon tea brewed from local medicinal herbs, or get-togethers with local musicians, historians and archaeologists.

A small but cosy library offers seclusion from the outside world – or access to it via Internet and TV. The spa floor below has an indoor swimming pool, massage area and steam room, a yoga corner and a small gym for rigorous or relaxing exercise. The terraced gardens provide additional seasonal options for sun bathing and sports.

Villa Gella

Villa Gella Indoor pool