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The Best of Europe for Active Families

While some families prefer to sit back and spend two weeks relaxing by the pool, others are all about activities, adventures and non-stop fun. If you’re the type of clan that can’t stand the thought of sunbathing for the entirety of your trip, read on for an overview of some of our favourite spots for active families this summer.

Disclaimer: Relaxation is not on the cards here. It’s all hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving and exploring until the very last second. Ready, set, go!

Valais – Switzerland


Hiking in Valais, Switzerland – photo courtesy of valais.ch

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Valais is a unique destination for nature lovers and mountain buffs. Hikers will be in heaven, with 8000km of signposted trails and ‘bisses’ channels weaving through the mountains. Adventurers will jump at the chance to mountain bike through alpine roads, vineyards, valleys, gorges and passes while the beautiful mountain lakes and forests are fantastic for family camping trips.

Paros – Greece


Water sports in Paros, Greece – photo courtesy of visitgreece.gr

Renowned for its unrivalled natural beauty, Paros is one of Greece’s most beloved family holiday destinations. As well as lounging around on the pristine beaches kids and adults alike can get the adrenalin pumping with a range of exciting water sports and scuba diving courses. Trekking the Byzantine footpaths between the traditional villages makes for a unique day trip while horseback riding is a great way to soak up the surrounding countryside.

The Faroe Islands

Hiking in the Faroe Islands -

Hiking in the Faroe Islands – photo courtesy of flick river.com

Lying between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands are rugged, remote and beckoning with adventure. In 2007 National Geographic named the archipelago the most appealing destination on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. The place is blessed with exceptional natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife. Hike the majestic glaciated landscape, embark on an angling expedition, sail the spectacular coastline and get up close and personal on a wildlife spotting tour.

Pyrenees – Spain


Ski sports in the Pyrenees, Spain – photo courtesy of thingstodo.viator.com

Spain’s Pyrenees region is spectacular to say the least, with towering mountains dominating the landscape. While the region is known for its ski scene it’s also a fantastic place to spend the summer, with hikes, mountain biking and canoeing aplenty.

Aquitaine – France

Kayaking in Aquitaine, France – photo courtesy of tourisme-aquitaine.fr

Love to stay active? Aquitaine is a dream destination for families that can’t stay still for long! On the coast wear the kids out with beach volleyball, body boarding, kite surfing, scuba diving and water skiing. If you’re staying inland the countryside is terrific for bike trips, rock climbing, mountain biking and more.

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