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Rich, flavoursome and wonderfully fresh, Italian cuisine never fails to delight. From fruity wines and perfectly al dente pasta to melt-in-your-mouth biscuits and golden brown pizzas, food is the heart and soul of Italian culture. Have we tantalised your tastebuds? Read on for our insider’s guide to the very best ways to enjoy the world’s favourite cuisine.

Tasting local wines

Castello di Ama

Castello di Ama, One of the Top 5 Tuscan Wineries to Visit

Italy plays host to some of the world’s oldest wine producing regions, renowned for their diversity, quality and exceptional flavour. In fact, Italy is the largest producer of wine on the planet! A trip to Italy simply wouldn’t be complete without sampling the finest drops the nation has to offer. Whether you’re in Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily or Venice, signing up for a tasting flight experience or winery tour is a fantastic way to really get a feel for just how much Italian’s love their vino.

Sampling regional delicacies

L'Altro Baffo in Otranto

L’Altro Baffo in Otranto, 24 Culinary Hours in Salento

Italians have indulged an age old infatuation with food, with different regions boasting their own unique delicacies. Each has its own flavours, recipes and traditions that vary from city to city, village to village and even household to household. Some of our absolute favourites are the braised goat of Campi, the handmade corzetti pasta of Valpolcevera and the salted grey mullet roe of Sardinia.

Taking part in a private cooking class


Cooking class in Tuscany, photo courtesy of tuscanincoming.it


What better way to immerse yourself in Italian culinary culture than by taking part in a private cooking class held in the comfort of your own luxury villa? A local chef will take you on a tantalising voyage of discovery that will uncover the delights of Italian cooking. Plus you’ll leave with the skills to prepare your very own show stopping Italian meals when you head back to the real world.

Catch your own seafood


Photo courtesy of walksofitaly.com

Fresh ingredients are a must in Italy, particularly when it comes to fish. In the south, seafood is considered a staple food and there is no better way to appreciate its importance than by catching your own. Chartering a luxury yacht is a fantastic way to make a day of it, while sailing off on an organised group tours is another popular option.

Walking tours of major cities


Walking tour in Venice, photo courtesy of cycle-space.com

Rural cuisine is wonderfully rustic however full on flavour is also plentiful in major cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice. Embarking on food focussed walking tour is a wonderful way to experience the city on foot, as well as sample Italian delicacies along the way.

Pack a picnic


Photo courtesy of italymagazine.com

Whether you’re on a romantic couples getaway or a fun-filled family adventure, packing a picnic is the perfect way to experience Italian food like the locals do. Head to the local markets or deli and stock up on a crusty loaf of bread, fresh fruit, creamy cheeses, vine ripened tomatoes, spicy salami, wafer thin prosciutto, flaky pastries and of course, a bottle of Chianti. Then make a beeline for a beautiful nearby spot, whether it’s a beach, vineyard, valley or even the garden of your private luxury villa.

Buon appetito!