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…or any other milestone event, really.

Via Peduzzi Como – Lake Como, Italy
Wake up each morning to one of the most spectacular views in Europe. Indulge in relaxed luxury in this timeless & transformed masterpiece, located in the mountains majestically overlooking Lake Como. The luxury villa is designed to fully immerse its lucky guests in the enormous mountain, lake and valley views.
Perfectly suited for a personalised group of 14 guests, this villa’s personality will draw any guest in with the inviting atmosphere and prestigious liberty-styled design. This villa is ideal for a group to host a memorable event. Everything is arranged with exquisite attention to detail to make guests feel truly welcomed. From the lavish 8-bedroom hideaways, private pool area, spa facilities and breath-taking views, this villa captures any guests’ senses and truly treat them with a memorable stay.

8 bedrooms // 14 guests // Rates from €36300/week

Lake Como

Peacock Island – Berry Island, Caribbean Bahamas
The philosophy behind the 3 villas of Peacock Island is “utmost comfort in privacy”. When guests open the front door, they enter an inner sanctum designed to engage the senses and nourish the soul. The flow between private interiors and exteriors of the island, embodies our idea of a sanctuary.
Find your piece of paradise and embrace it with a group of friends or family. Host an unforgettable occasion on the sandy white shores, embrace the sensational atmosphere and create memorable moments. Peacock Island is generous with its offerings in every way, from its sea-view infinity pool, fitness centre, tennis court, private airstrip to a full complement of 13 staff.

We might all be moving around less these days, but when we find a spot so beautiful there is a great temptation to stay. So why not bring your laptop, but also invite your friends and family and embrace life as it is.

7 bedrooms // 12 guests // Rates from $9250/night


Barbados Atelier House – Saint James, Barbados
This 4-bedroom villa invites you to revel in your own private oasis. This location is set against a backdrop of a dramatic ridge in the village of Lower Carlton. The villa is designed as an exclusive and stylish break-away destination, providing you with ultimate interior & exterior accommodation experience.
Dramatic walls and panels of floor-to-ceiling glass in the villa, frame the extraordinary natural setting and give the impression that guests can just reach out and touch the outdoors. The result is undeniably modern, and the contemporary design indoors showcases the vibrant green and crystal-clear water scenes alongside the heart felt warmth of the villa.

Unwind with a group of friends, ease into a calm atmosphere, gather the unsurpassed views, unwind in the impeccable gardens and enjoy the tasteful pleasures of life.

4 bedrooms // 10 guests // Rates from £7700/week


Leonor – Cap de Barbaria, Balearics – Formentera, Spain
Unapologetically graceful with sharp corners and smooth lines, creating a traditional Balearics masterpiece. This newly built 7-bedroom villa boasts a stunning location overlooking picturesque sea-views and unspoiled landscape covered in a glimpse of red poppies and yellow field of flowers.
Leonor has been specifically designed for groups looking for privacy, well-deserved get-away time, fresh & exciting energy, and romantic auras. Leonor provides an unparalleled guest experience – the meticulous planning of the architecture ensures guests can enjoy watching the sensational beauty of Ibiza’s sunrise and sunset from the comfort of your spacious living room. Leonor wants guests to fully embrace the large modern dining room, floor to ceiling windows, swimming pool and housekeeping.

Whether you seek a comfortable and authentic modern venue, spiritual recharge, professional de-stress or a private family vacation, Leonor opens the door into a world far away from the everyday stress and hassle and bustle.

7 bedrooms // 18 guests // Rates from €33000/week


Finca en Cordoba – Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain
Enter this sculpted masterpiece and experience the surrounded hectares of field, meadows, olive groves and a variety of wild animals. This classic and enchanting finca was designed identically to a traditional Andalusian country house or ‘cortijo’.
This privately-owned 10-bedroom estate can be found at the Cordoban foothills of Sierra Morena mountain range. Outside terraces, timeless gardens and the panoramic infinity pool, offer the perfect place to indulge the environment, while dining or relaxing. At night time, the outdoor ambience transforms the area into the ideal place for authentic dining and enjoyment with friends or family.

Each element found inside Fina en Cordoba was carefully selected and beautifully placed within the halls of this villa – classic and charm enfolds this luxurious Spanish Fica.

10 bedrooms // 20 guests // Rates from €875/night

Blog post by Joanette Bloom.