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5 Reasons Why Private Jet Travel is the Way to Fly

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Few people are enthusiastic about air travel, especially when you consider the tedious and time-consuming security procedures at airports, frequent flight delays, baggage restrictions, the inconvenience of lost or delayed luggage, and all the time wasted at airports waiting for connecting flights.

Photo courtesy of Affluent Marketplace Luxury Directory

Photo courtesy of Affluent Marketplace Luxury Directory


When you take all these factors into account, nothing can beat the convenience, comfort and flexibility of travelling by private jet. Here are 5 good reasons why:

1/ Private jet travel allows you to fly to many more destinations. Private jets can use the many small regional airports which cannot accommodate the much larger aircraft used by commercial airlines. Some luxury resorts even have landing strips for guests arriving by private jet, or offer helicopter transfer services from the nearest airport.

2/ You choose the departure time. One of the best things about travelling by private jet is the flexibility it offers. You decide when you want to fly, and you don’t have to worry about arriving at the airport on time or missing your flight because the jet will wait for you.

3/ You don’t lose time waiting. Not only is there no need to arrive at the airport in advance, but you don’t have to go through the hassle of waiting in long lines at check-in or security. You can arrive just minutes before your planned departure. On arrival, there’s no waiting by the luggage carrousel either, you just step off the plane with your luggage and are sure that it will arrive each time without delay. Since you fly directly to your destination, there is no time wasted making flight connections either.

4/ You have more legroom. Having a seat by the window or the aisle is not a concern on a private jet, as space is not an issue. You’ll definitely have enough room to stretch your legs and even stretch out for a nap on a lie-flat bed. Some private jets are even fitted out with private suites, meeting rooms, and even shower and spa facilities.

5/ You don’t have to own a jet. You don’t have to have your own jet to benefit from all the advantages of private jet travel. There are many companies offering the possibility to charter a plane by the hour. Some commercial airlines like Air France and Emirates have even introduced private jet services or have teamed up with private charter flight operators to offer this exclusive service.


Photo courtesy of Private Jets Review

Photo courtesy of Private Jets Review


Want to fly with a private jet? You may want to have a look at these suggested companies:

Netjets: https://www.netjets.com/AboutNetJets/Our-Companies/

Xojet: http://www.xojet.com/Our-Company/Best-Private-Jet-Company.asp

Private Fly: http://www.privatefly.be

Abelag: http://www.abelag.be


Photo courtesy of Luxactu

Photo courtesy of Luxactu


By Isabel Putinja, Travel Writer