Santorini is one of the most visited Greek islands, and it is especially popular with luxury travellers. But why is it such a revered destination against all other places of beauty in the world? Not convinced that this is the island for you? Then read on for our top five reasons to put Santorini on your bucket list, and you’ll be booking a flight in no time…

  1. Sunsets
Santorini Captain House, Santorini, Greece

Santorini Captain House, Santorini, Greece

You may have watched the sunset over a secluded beach in Fiji, or watch the sky change colour from a mountaintop in the wild US landscape. But you really haven’t seen anything compared to the sunsets on Santorini. Anyone who has visited the charming island will mention the unforgettable sundown experienced every single day. The beautiful orange skies can be viewed from a number of top spots all over the island, so ask the locals for the best sunset viewing points. The picturesque town of Oia claims to have the best sunsets on earth – so go see for yourself.

  1. Wine

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Santorini’s wines have a somewhat Italian flavour, and are paired perfectly with the Greek cuisine. October is the best month to visit for wine tasting, and the island even celebrates the religious feast day of a patron saint of wine on 22nd October. That will blow away the winter British blues!

  1. History
51-ArchipelHouse_FIRA _1898 (1000x770)

Fira, Santorini, Greece, 1898

For such a small island, Santorini has bags of history, enough to entertain any history buff or those who can only take so much sunbathing. Discover the preserved remains of an age-old town frozen in volcanic ash, hike to an archaeological site thought to be a Spartan colony, or take a trip out to the volcano and the hot springs.

  1. Romantic towns
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You’ve probably seen photographs of the towering cliffs and whitewashed, picturesque buildings, but nothing beats seeing it in person. Get lost wandering around the stunning towns and villages of Perissa, Oia and Fira, or for the more adventurous why not rent a scooter to explore the island.

  1. Beaches and Water Sports

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You’d be wrong to think that a destination with so much to offer inland would be missing beautiful beaches and the opportunity for water-based activities in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The colours of the beaches are unique, with some offering black volcanic sand and others with pristine, postcard-perfect white sand. The main watersports hubs offer diving, water-skiing and banana boating for thrill seekers.

There is something for everyone in Santorini – we could give you another ten reasons to put this place on your bucket list. Travellers who have experienced the island say there is something about Santorini which makes you want to linger for longer. The calming, romantic atmosphere isn’t replicated anywhere else on earth.

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