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Five Luxury Stocking Fillers

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Just as the pre-Christmas season seems to extend annually, so too do the range of tantalising retail options available during November and December. It can be difficult to unpick truly luxurious items of lasting quality, particularly when shopping for appealing stocking fillers rather than sure-fire large items.

It is also surprisingly easy to fall into the trap of putting together a mishmash of small gifts which somehow add up to less than the sum of their parts. One way to avoid this pitfall is to create a strong theme for a stocking, and a particularly strong and appealing theme is luxury travel.

Crème de la Mer lip balm, image via neilmoodie.com

The Crème de la Mer skincare range has a longstanding cult following both on the road and off it. One of their more portable items is the Lip Balm, pretty much guaranteed to delight any recipient, male or female, and containing a Miracle Broth that entirely lives up to its title’s promise. It’s perfect for counteracting dehydrating flights and fits into the lightest of cabin baggage. Their Hand Treatment, whilst more costly, is also unbelievably replenishing and indulgent.


The Tiffany luggage tag, image via tiffany.com

To make a strong luggage style statement, Tiffany have a signature light teal luggage tag in fine textured leather. The tag is a beautiful and well-made classic in its own right, but also forms a lovely accompaniment to the “Return to Tiffany” range of bone and heart sterling silver tag pendants. No matter how far you travel, the Tiffany brand will remain synonymous with world class craftsmanship and design.

Charbonnel et Walker products are a sinful delight all year round, but they really come into their own in the festive season. Of many inspiring potential stocking fillers in their current range, the Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Cracker is perhaps the most decadent and fun. Their Billionaire Shortbread Truffle Box runs a close second and despite being wonderfully rich, it’s very difficult to share. The perfect pick-me-ups on solo long haul trips.


Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle Cracker, image via johnlewis.com

Scented candles are perhaps the fastest way to lift and customise a villa room or ski lodge. Diptyque offer a lifetime’s worth of different glorious home fragrances.


The Liquidambar candle by Diptyque, image via candledelirium.com

Their Liquidambar candle might be the very best, sharing the long burning time and mellow light of the whole range but lifted by an extraordinarily complex, intoxicating and festive fragrance.



Stella McCartney’s Stone Wild Cat key chain, image via stellamccartney.com

In addition to an industry-leading ethical stance and wild creativity, Stella McCartney has staked her name upon year after year of highly covetable accessories. Her current collection includes all sorts of wonders, but it’s hard to imagine an item giving greater pleasure than one of her latest concept key rings, the Stone Wild Cat. This super-shiny, rock and roll little item will lift the spirits on any adventure, and it’s also the perfect item to jangle by the home lock when you finally return from your latest voyage of discovery.

By Phileas French, Travel Writer, Editor