Looking for a holiday villa in Greece for this summer? We have made a pre-selection for you! Beautiful, hand-picked luxury vacation rentals to enjoy with family members and friends.

From Mykonos to Cephalonia, stunning views, dream pools and exceptional services for a relaxing time away from the crowds and to leave the pandemic behind.

Villa White Light Mykonos
Combine the beauty of the past with the comfort of the present at Villa White Light, where modern designs rub sun-kissed shoulders with vaulted ceilings and beautiful Greek stonework. The 8-bedroom Villa stresses the luxury of a holistic approach with rejuvenation and relaxation as ultimate aim.
This trio of exclusive separate villas is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos, with an atmosphere to support this hide-away. Glimpses of a Paradise beach and a private lagoon-like pool provides reasons to get out of bed, or at least occasionally. Lazy sleep-inn days and romantic luxury indulged nights in white satin will tempt you to dream off for hours of blissful sleep.
This stone-and white pearl-hued hideaway is tucked away amid 100-year old olive trees, bougainvillea and Egyptian Palm trees.

A secret gem reminding you of fairy tale stories about beautiful castles to be discovered.

Follow in the footsteps of many comfort-seeking guests and bunk down at this modern, minimalist villa or host an unforgettable evening with up to 150 guests.

8 bedrooms // 20 guests // Rates from €3150/night

Villa White Light Mykonos
White Light Mykonos

Villa Orpheo Cephalonia
Relax and rebalance with a health-focused holiday in this charming villa blended with traditional style & modern comfort. Standing in one form or another since the 18th century, this 5-bedroom villa with original 18th century olive mill is tucked in a quiet, tranquil olive grove in the heart of the Cephalonia island.
Exuding positive energy, and calmness the private pool, terrace and garden offer unparalleled privacy. Villa Orpheo Cephalonia is a haven of serenity and luxury away from preying eyes. Spend your day at Trapezaki beach catching some Cephalonian rays, indulge in surrounding contemporary Greek cuisine or enjoy some downtime at the spacious and beautiful private outdoor area.
Unwind and rest in complete privacy with family or friends.

Top Pick: the villa comes with an outstanding personal Chef with raving reviews, a skippered sleek motor boat and, last but not least, it is a favorite wedding venue.

5 bedrooms // 10 guests // Rates from €5985/week

Villa Orpheo Cephalonia
Villa Orpheo Cephalonia

Ilios Private Island Retreat
In a remote corner of unspoilt los, in the heart of the Cyclades, and just a pebble’s stone throw away from Evia Island and the coast of Athens, this 9-bedroom sanctuary offers an escape from the mobs the crowds. This is the ultimate in sun-drenched seclusion surrounded by a picturesque landscape.
Ilios private island is a tranquil retreat, an indescribable combination of style, space and incredible beach views. Illios private is ideal for families, friends, and yoga retreats but also the perfect destination for absolute privacy and inconspicuous freedom. Airy and bright, this villa greets you with marble finishes, a full library, cosy fireplaces, and spaces for memorable visits with valued guests and friends.

Discover the island’s playful atmosphere, by cycling along the island’s memorable landscape, windsurfing, and kayaking through the clear blue waters and enjoying numerous other outdoor activities. This getaway will be an adventurists’ paradise but also a peaceful escape for utmost rest and rejuvenation. Relax, realign and reconnect with yourself and nature. Feel the sand between your toes, the salt on your skin, the sun seeping into your bones. Sleep deeply, dream, linger and just be. Time is no longer a luxury but now yours to enjoy completely. Relax on your divinely comfortable bed.

Recline on your sun lounge with a book or another glass of champagne. Soak up the view and this villa will leave you grasping for a luggage packed blissful island getaway.

Top Pick: perfect for wellness and yoga retreats as well as dream weddings.

9 bedrooms // 20 guests // Rates from €27748/week

Ilios Private Island Greece
Ilios Private Island – Evia

Villa Adel
Beyond the radiance of the Elia beach, this luxury 7-bedroom villa waits to be discovered. This lavish retreat welcomes families and groups of friends. Villa Adel allows guests to sink into contemporary luxury living. This beautifully decorated villa complimented by the exceptional sea-views catches the visitor’s inner sense of relaxation, tranquillity and privacy. Upon entry, many will awe in pure admiration, whispering words of amazement. It is as if the serene, lush grounds themselves command an innate sense of equilibrium.

Ideal to create memorable stories to retell later, this villa is one of the most distinctive addresses that captures the essence of refinement and intimacy on a grand scale. Discover the culture of Ancient Greece as you always dreamt of, whilst enjoying your private infinity pool, Jacuzzi’s, outdoor terraces while dining Alfresco. Villa Adel has meticulous attention to detail and catering to every need with a fully equipped gym and a lavishing outdoor shower.

Whether your priority is absolute privacy, embracing the breath-taking views or hosting intimate gatherings, Villa Adel is specifically crafted for the discerning guest. A golden state of mind awaits when you enter this serene hideaway.

7 bedrooms // 14 guests // Rates from €1200/night

Villa Adel Mykonos
Villa Adele Mykonos

Villa Ariel
This air-conditioned private retreat features crystal clear water from the private infinity pool, immaculate gardens, private terraces, fully equipped gyms, and fine detailed contemporary interiors. Beyond the dramatic see views, the occasional seating, and daybeds on your own private terrace beckons you to laze away in luxury dreamy afternoons. Villa Ariel is a feast for the senses.

Everything has been carefully designed and considered to ensure total relaxation and sensory indulgence. This 7-bedroom villa will seduce your sight, whisper sweet nothings in your ears, tempt you with the smell of undefined fusion of magical gems and dare you to indulge in the sense of being.

A glass of one of the local wines completes this sensory experience as the memory of a busy schedule, pressing work commitments or stressful life disappears with the gentle breeze reminding you of the serene atmosphere to be your home for the next few days.

7 bedrooms // 14 guests // Rates from €1000/night

Villa Ariel Mykonos
Villa Ariel Mykonos

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Blog post by Joa Bloem.