A curated selection of exceptional luxury villa rentals in Europe equipped with a gym or fitness room.

Because even on holidays taking care of your health and fitness has never been so important and relevant.

Casa Fontegenga, Le Marche, Italy

Framed by the towering Le Marche countryside, Casa Fontegenga is a tranquil enclave.This 4-bedroom villa is characterised as a sprawling double-story residence with a historic touch of rustic elegance captured in time since 1770. This home is transformed and sculptured into a serene gateway for a well-earned holiday. You will be satisfied by the spectacular 360° view over the beautiful landscape and surroundings.

The extravagant kitchen is a further gem ready and “at your service” to compliment your stay with the personalised services of a chef on request.

You’ll spend warm leisurely days by the heated glistening pool or basked in relaxation at the open fireplace and welcoming outdoor dining area. One of the secret gems of this villa is the fully equipped fitness room. This space is not only suitable for personal fitness but also for silent reflection.

End your balmy evenings at this address by sampling large selections of the best regional wines offered.

Escape routine and find freedom in this rare and inspiring villa.

4 bedrooms // 9 guests // Rates from €3990 / week

Casa Fontegenga - Passepartout Homes
Casa Fontegenga

Casale le Pratola, Chianti, Tuscany, Italy

Revitalize, restore and reload at this bright 5-bedroom villa. Casale Le Pratola is elegant and built according to the owner’s vision of space, light and tranquillity. Casale Le Pratola is located in Chanti, near Siena and Florence, Tuscany – Italy. With no detail left unattended, this villa was designed to ensure the utmost in relaxation, privacy and entertainment. This villa offers fantastic amenities and picturesque views of the Tuscan hills.

At Casale Le Pratola, the overall atmosphere is relaxed, luxurious and excellent restoration with some of the most extraordinary Italian craftmanship and designs from the 16th century. The old school elegance is transformed into sophisticated and exquisite guest accommodation. Set adjacent to two hectares of secluded gardens filled with wines, olives, cypress trees and local herbs, the villa is enriched with fine artwork, exposed walls & beams and a hearty atmosphere that emaculate an authentic Tuscan countryside holiday experience.

The interior of this villa takes on an altogether Tuscan Idyll feel and is exquisitely paired with modern contemporary furniture. Guests can fully emerge themselves in the beauty of the natural surroundings of the Tuscan hills while enjoying the heated infinity pool as well as Yoga and spa treatments.

Casale Le Protola is the idyllic breakaway for friends, families or for the hosting of special celebrations.

5 bedrooms // 10 + 2 guests // Rates from €10230 / week

le Le Pratola - Passepartout Homes
Le Pratola

Ostuni Art, Puglia, Italy

If you ever dreamt of your own private playground, with lashings of luxury, cosy corners at every turn, and a warm sense of history, this hidden wonderland in the picturesque plains of the Ostuni valley is the place to be. This rural setting spells out happiness, fun, laughter and natural space.

Nestled on the scenic slopes of the Ostuni valley this immaculately restored rustic modern styled villas exude charm and authenticity. The historic carved stoned and pointed-dome roofs boast awe-inspiring art and enlivens the feeling of royalty in the countryside.

Stylish interiors will capture your imagination and unlock romance, stories with happy endings and possibilities of making wonderful memories. The walling lawns and outdoor spaces will invite you to be one with nature, forgetting about time and embracing rest. The fully equipped fitness room will help you to balance body, mind and soul.

To compliment your well-deserved holiday, the services of housekeeping, wellness, spa- and other beauty treatments are available on request. Furthermore musicians, and dancers will entertain you on request – creating a wonderworld of magic, fun, sunshine and relaxation.

A true distraction away from stress and responsibility.
Whether you stay for a weekend or a week or even longer, Ostuni Art Resort is one you won’t soon forget.

7 bedrooms // 20 guests // rates from €2000 / night

Ostuni Art resort - Passepartout Homes
Ostuni Art Resort

Alegria Mykonos
The true meaning of Alegria is to be found at this gem. True to its Latin meaning Alegria represents in its purest form island happiness. The ambiance of secluded privacy, ultra-style and comfort will lure you to a world unknown to reality. Alegria Mykonos is the ultimate lux VIP destination for deserving guests.

The Mykonos destination has, unbelievable grounds, elegant ambience and stylish interior, making it a stay to remember for a lifetime. This is what dreams are made of, memories built from and friendships glued with. Immerse yourself in our extraordinary lively 13-bedroom villa. Surrounded by relaxing views of the cerulean coast, so close the Kola Loavadi beach winds will personally brush gently over your skin every morning.

You can choose from one of the 13 capacious rooms with en suite bathrooms to restore after a day’s fun in the sun, each one so breath-taking beautiful you will have difficulty in making your choice. Unwind at the mesmerising outdoor spaces, revel in the first-class services and be gratified by the villas’ signature modern chic styles.

Alegria Mykonos enables social life and festivity. Be the host of an unforgettable event at this idyllic villa crafted for a jubilant atmosphere. The view-drenched infinity pool deck immediately captures you into a world of joy. Rest and rejuvenate at the calming spa treatments whilst embracing the serene views.

This exceptional villa has more to offer than the tranquil atmosphere, elegant character and supreme views, it has a personality of its own. Discover the best parts of this exceptional island with curated experiences including acclaimed gourmet restaurants nearby, exploring the famous Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, and mezze dining culture.

13 bedroom // 30 guests // Rates from €5000 / night

Alegria Mykonos - Passepartout Homes
Alegria Mykonos

Blog post by Joanette Bloom.