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Luxury Holiday Villa Rentals – Experiences

Antica Masseria del Fano, Puglia, Italy

Antica Masseria del Fano

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 20

From €13020/week

Villa Marciano, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Marciano

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 14

From €5500/week

Masseria Relais Leverano, Puglia, Italy

Masseria Relais Leverano

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 25

From €5000/night

Casale Le Pratola, Tuscany, Italy

Casale Le Pratola

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 10

From €10130/week

Capdepera, Balearics - Mallorca, Spain


Balearics - Mallorca, Spain

Sleeps 10

From £18750/week

Casa Fuzetta, Algarve, Portugal

Casa Fuzetta

Algarve, Portugal

Sleeps 24

From €8945/week

The Old Mill, Tuscany, Italy

The Old Mill

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €5100/week

Ibiza Cala Salada, Balearics - Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Cala Salada

Balearics - Ibiza, Spain

Sleeps 10

From €8400/week

Traum am Wald, Tyrol, Austria

Traum am Wald

Tyrol, Austria

Sleeps 9

From €1100/night

Ostuni Art , Puglia, Italy

Ostuni Art

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 20

From €2500/night

La Bastide de Vignes, Languedoc, France

La Bastide de Vignes

Languedoc, France

Sleeps 12

From £1380/week

Villa Ferraia, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Ferraia

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 28

From €14,950/week

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Dolomites, Italy

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

Dolomites, Italy

Sleeps 10

From €2300/night

Baita 1697, Piemonte, Italy

Baita 1697

Piemonte, Italy

Sleeps 18

From €11800/week

Dimora del Duca, Puglia, Italy

Dimora del Duca

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €5500/week

Ca' Salvioni, Venice, Italy

Ca' Salvioni

Venice, Italy

Sleeps 7

From €1200/night

Vila Flor da Vida, Ceará, Brazil

Vila Flor da Vida

Ceará, Brazil

Sleeps 16

From €1700/night

Villa Gella, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Villa Gella

Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Sleeps 15

From €8,500/week

Villa La Tosca, Aquitaine, France

Villa La Tosca

Aquitaine, France

Sleeps 15

From Various

Green Gecko , Isan, Thailand

Green Gecko

Isan, Thailand

Sleeps 4

From THB7900/night

Bozonos Luxury Villa, Zakynthos, Greece

Bozonos Luxury Villa

Zakynthos, Greece

Sleeps 8

From €440/night

Villa Giardini del Principe, Sicily, Italy

Villa Giardini del Principe

Sicily, Italy

Sleeps 22

From € 3,000/week

Mariposa, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain


Ibiza, Balearics, Spain

Sleeps 10

From €19800/week

Peacock Island, Caribbean, Bahamas

Peacock Island

Caribbean, Bahamas

Sleeps 12

From $17500/night

Castello Bonaparte, Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Castello Bonaparte

Tuscany/Umbria, Italy

Sleeps 15

From €9950/week

Fighine - Casa Janine, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Casa Janine

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 6

From €4895/week

Angelika's Residence, Aegina, Greece

Angelika's Residence

Aegina, Greece

Sleeps 12

From €5509/week

Fighine - Villa Melissa, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Villa Melissa

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €5345/week

Theano Luxury Estate, Cyclades - Paros, Greece

Theano Luxury Estate

Cyclades - Paros, Greece

Sleeps 12

From €1565/night

Fighine - Casa Teatro, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Casa Teatro

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 6

From €3438/week

Palazzo Cinotti Luxury Living , Tuscany, Italy

Palazzo Cinotti Luxury Living

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 5

From €290/night

Palazzo Cinotti Family Suite, Tuscany, Italy

Palazzo Cinotti Family Suite

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 4

From €200/night

Palazzo Cinotti Suite Giulio, Tuscany, Italy

Palazzo Cinotti Suite Giulio

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 2

From €150/night

Fighine - Casa Vittoria, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Casa Vittoria

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 6

From €3087.75/week

Fighine - Casa Rossa, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Casa Rossa

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 4

From €2525/week

Fighine - Parretti Apartments, Tuscany, Italy

Fighine - Parretti Apartments

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 4

From €235/night

Alegria Mykonos, Mykonos - Cyclades, Greece

Alegria Mykonos

Mykonos - Cyclades, Greece

Sleeps 30

From €6400/night

Torretta Perugina, Umbria, Italy

Torretta Perugina

Umbria, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €3100/week

Villa Elda, Lazio, Italy

Villa Elda

Lazio, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €13,000/week

Castellare de' Sernigi, Tuscany, Italy

Castellare de' Sernigi

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 14

From €6000/week

Villa Ciggiano, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Ciggiano

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 13

From €9000/week

Country Relais & Spa Le Capanne, Tuscany, Italy

Country Relais & Spa Le Capanne

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 22

From €6000/week

Riad Camilia, Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Camilia

Marrakech, Morocco

Sleeps 12

From €1390/night

Riad Dar Housnia Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco

Riad Dar Housnia Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Sleeps 12

From €640/night

El Carligto & Hunting Lodge, Andalusia, Spain

El Carligto & Hunting Lodge

Andalusia, Spain

Sleeps 14

From €8500/week

Villa Altaserra Wine Resort, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Altaserra Wine Resort

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 16

From €11200/week

Casa Duquesa, Balearics - Mallorca, Spain

Casa Duquesa

Balearics - Mallorca, Spain

Sleeps 12

From €13200/week

Heureka Venice, Venice, Italy

Heureka Venice

Venice, Italy

Sleeps 23

From €5000/night

Palazzo Cristo Venezia, Venice, Italy

Palazzo Cristo Venezia

Venice, Italy

Sleeps 9

From POA

Villa Keri, Zakynthos, Greece

Villa Keri

Zakynthos, Greece

Sleeps 8

From €640/night

Finca en Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

Finca en Cordoba

Andalusia, Spain

Sleeps 20

From €875/night/room

Cortijo Sierra de Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Cortijo Sierra de Ronda

Andalusia, Spain

Sleeps 19

From €8625/night

Casa Olivi, Marche, Italy

Casa Olivi

Marche, Italy

Sleeps 11

From €5500/week

La Nava, Castilla La Mancha, Spain

La Nava

Castilla La Mancha, Spain

Sleeps 36

From €575/person/night

Villa Negri, Lombardy - Lake Como, Italy

Villa Negri

Lombardy - Lake Como, Italy

Sleeps 11

From €6325/week

Manowce Palace , , Poland

Manowce Palace


Sleeps 42

From €200/person/night

Podere Vetrichina, Tuscany, Italy

Podere Vetrichina

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 14

From €780/night

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