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Interview with Sandra Di Marcantonio, wedding expert.

Getting married in Italy is an enchanting dream for many couples, captivated by the sweet taste of a Mediterranean lifestyle, delicious food, balmy weather and the prospect of dining under olive trees and starry skies.

A destination wedding in Italy is the perfect opportunity to create the most memorable experience for both you and those partaking in your celebrations.


Villa Altaserra Wine Resort Tuscany

Passepartout Homes had the pleasure to interview Sandra Di Marcantonio, our talented in-house wedding expert, on the secrets to the perfect wedding in Italy.

What are the 3 most important ingredients for a successful wedding in Italy?

1) Finding and establishing a relationship with the right vendors.

2) Acknowledging that Italians are not bilingual, above all they are not proficient in English. Therefore you’ll need a helping hand from somebody who’s fluent in Italian and who understands the Italian society and culture as well.

3) Accept that things can take time in Italy. La dolce vita, you know… ?!

Why should couples consider a wedding abroad, specifically in Italy?

If there is one thing that the worldwide pandemic has taught us, it’s how special our family and friends are. A destination wedding in Italy is a great way to make up for lost time and spoil them.

Besides, would it be an understatement to say that Italy is one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Think about how beautiful your wedding pictures will look thanks to those those scenic landscapes, picturesque city centres and stunning nature.


Photo Courtesy Le Spose di Gio’

Should couples consider hiring a wedding planner with experience on weddings in Italy?

I think it can certainly help you save lots of time and money to book a wedding planner or a coordinator for the day. On your wedding day you should be living your dream with your spouse and concentrate on creating memories with your friends and family. You should not be bothered with questions about the Prosecco, the occupied parking space of the live band, or the missing shoes of your maid of honour.

What are the main considerations to make when getting married in Italy?

1) Time is relative. 🙂 Be classy, absolutely not sassy! Food is a religion!

2) Traditional italian confetti are a must have as a wedding favor for your guests. They are authentic, delicious and a total surprise for your guests.

3) Don’t aim for a wedding in the weekend, but prefer a week day when everything is more relaxed.

4) Find someone to rely on that is fluent in Italian and can help you tackle last minute problems.

5) Step away from traditional wedding locations such as Tuscany and discover hidden gems in Umbria or Puglia.

6) Flowers and floral decor can be more expensive in Italy. Focus more on lightning: very trending and money saving at the same time.

7) Aperitivo time: include a cocktail hour without canapés, but with several food stands and utterly delicious food. Forget about mac n’ cheese, pepperoni pizza and chicken parmegian. Those recipes don’t even exist in Italy! God forbid! Go for authenic, simple but tasty, Italian style aperitivi stands. I’ll promise you’ll love it.


Photo courtesy Le Spose di Gio’

Why choose a private holiday villa for your destination wedding?

Well, first of all the private holiday villa’s are a dream. But there are three more significant reasons that explain why a private villa is your go to wedding venue.

We expect the shift in the wedding industry to continue.  The trend to more intimate affairs will stay relevant and more and more couples will opt for renting a private villa, castle, masseria or a vineyard mansion and host the wedding with an external catering company.

What can be defined as the ‘Pintimate Wedding’- a personalised and intimate micro wedding –  has surged out of the many Covid restrictions that were placed on couples around the world back in 2020/21. Many couples opted for a much more relaxed affair with a guest list of 30 or under, with a fusion of formal and informal and much bigger per head budget than you get with a larger guest list. Less is more once again.

The focus will be more on the guest experience than anything else. Real thought is being put into that journey the guest goes as a part of the wedding. Gastronomy, beautiful table decor and lightning, welcome goodie bags, wedding favors, the wedding venue and the complete personalisation of the wedcation will be the new standard.

Lastly, backyard weddings are here to stay, but not all backyards are created with equal opportunity to separate the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. Renting a spacious private villa is an excellent solution for a all-in-one wedding event space using all features of the estate to maximize the experience of the couple and their party.


Moroseta, Puglia. Photo Giuliana Covella Photography.

What is the best season to marry in Italy?

This is a difficult question, because according to me it depends on the theme and location of the wedding.

Italy is such a various country when it comes to landscapes, architecture and general vibe. It is very difficult to define one wedding season for a country like Italy. I mean, imagine a wedding at the beautiful Como lake in spring. Or a summer wedding in June at the Amalfi coast? Fall would be the perfect time of the year for a rustic-glam wedding in Puglia, because the temperatures are no longer skyrocketing. Speaking of autumn, can you imagine the beautiful autumn color palette in Umbria that serves as a natural decor for you garden wedding? How can I forget about the mountains? The cosy feeling of a Holiday- Christmas wedding in the snow…

I think Italy is the perfect wedding location 11 months of the year, but I would advise to skip August when the entire country takes off and is in holiday mood.


Photo courtesy Le Spose di Gio’

Dress! Should I buy in Italy or at home?

Definitely at home! Some of the best designers in bridal wear are from Italian origin and I perfectly understand why a bride would want to fly to Italy and go shopping for her Italian wedding dress. Given the current circumstances, I would advise to research for the right retailer in your surroundings and screen their collections.

All the Italian collections are worldwide available. I believe that’s the savest option for the moment. Trust me you don’t want your dress stucked in Italy, while you cannot travel and go try it on for the alterations. If I were a bride to be, I would play it safe.

Lastly, many bridal brands are hosting online consultations. So, if your dream wedding dress is not available in the bridal boutique near you, you can always get in touch with the brand and shop your dress online.

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Castello Bonaparte, Umbria

Sandra Di Marcantonio is a Blogger at The Blonde Wedding Reporter, Lecturer, Lifestyle journalist, Publicist and Owner at Quotes Communication. She is currently consulting at Passepartout Homes as wedding expert assisting couples to organize the perfect destination wedding in Italy.