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Multigenerational family holidays: a continuing trend

by Paola Fiocchi Van den Brande

Family holidays are no longer about mom and dad travelling with the kids – today grandma and grandpa are more and more likely to also join in the annual family vacation.

Multigenerational travel, where at least three generations of a family travel together on holiday, is a steady trend. The 2014 edition of the Virtuoso Luxe Report (http://blog.virtuoso.com/return-on-life/whats-hot-in-the-2014-luxe-report/), which examines international luxury travel trends, has identified multigenerational travel as a top trend for the past four years in a row.

I have noticed this increasing trend, and definitely seen an increase in multigenerational travel among our clients booking our luxury holiday villa rentals for a family holiday. We are receiving more and more enquiries for a villa large enough to accommodate parents and kids, and also grandma and grandpa.

There seems to be several possible reasons for this holiday trend. Modern families lead increasingly busy lives and often don’t have time to spend ‘quality time’ together with grandparents. A multigenerational family vacation is a great way to reconnect and have shared experiences that become cherished memories. Choosing an exotic holiday destination abroad is also an increasingly popular way to celebrate a special occasion or milestone together with the whole family.


The Dimitris and Carbonis on holiday in Spain

The Dimitris and Carbonis on holiday in Spain


A shared holiday experience is also a good way to bring families together who live on different continents, often with a ‘middle point’ destination selected for everyone’s travel convenience. Villa La Tosca, a spacious luxury beachfront villa in south-western France, is a popular multigenerational family holiday destination. Families who live in different corners of the world come here to spend time together and share a holiday memorable experience.

A holiday villa rental is ideal for large families travelling together. There are common living spaces for the whole family to come together, and multiple bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms offering enough privacy for everyone. Fully-equipped kitchens provide the opportunity for family members to prepare a meal together, or if they have a busy holiday schedule planned, they can use the services of the villa’s cook who can plan the menu, shop for ingredients and cook up three meals a day. Many exclusive villas also offer other convenient services like childcare, maid services, and spa facilities.

Countryside villas in France and Italy are ideal for family holidays because they have a lot to offer: excursions to nearby towns, visits to vineyards and mills, outdoor activities, markets and fabulous food. There’s a variety of activities with something to please everyone.

Today holiday villa rentals in exotic locations across the world can be easily researched and booked online. High-quality photos and testimonials of the property written by other visitors provide an accurate idea of what to expect from the property. When booking with a reputed villa rental company with an exclusive property portfolio, you can be sure you’ll be booking a great family vacation.

Here are some of the unique luxury holiday villa rentals which are part of Passepartout Home’s exclusive property portfolio that are especially popular with families:

Villa La Tosca  is a gorgeous 8-bedroom / 8 bathroom beachfront villa just steps away from the ocean on the coast of south-western France.

Villa Sasa is a spacious and elegant 3-bedroom villa located on the exotic Thai island of Koh Samui.

Masseria La Raganella Celeste  is a delightful 6-bedroom family home located in a secluded, centuries-old olive grove in beautifully rugged region of Puglia, South Italy.

Casale Le Pratola  is a scenic 5-bedroom/bathroom farmhouse villa located on a private hilltop in the middle of the lush countryside of Tuscany.


By Isabel Putinja, Travel Writer