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The story behind Passepartout Homes

Passepartout Homes was born out of our desire to share our holiday home, and to do so with peace of mind.

In 2007, our dreams came to life when we built a luxury villa in the south of Italy. It quickly became a beloved destination not just for us, but also for our close friends and family. As much as we cherished the time we spent there, our home-away-from-home sadly remained empty for long stretches of the year.

Seeking a way to share our special place with like-minded travelers, we met with a few rental agencies. But none of them felt like trusted advisors and friends – and none of them made us feel less hesitant about having strangers in our home. What was worse: these agencies demanded a minimum number of rentable weeks in peak seasons – the exact times we were most excited to return to our own holiday home.

The more we spoke with fellow homeowners, the more we realized they shared our same concerns regarding rental agencies. We knew there had to be a better way.

And so Passepartout Homes was born. We have spent the past few years creating a close-knit, trusted network that pairs discerning homeowners with luxury-oriented travelers. Our guests benefit from exclusive access to some of the world’s most memorable vacation villas, and our homeowners can rest assured knowing that they are sharing their beautiful properties and quality amenities with those who will value and respect them. When a Passepartout door opens, it’s always for a friend. 

We are genuinely excited for you to join our close-knit circle of homeowners and guests. Welcome home.

Paola Fiocchi-Van den Brande

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