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Summer Fun in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

by Michelle

With its magnificent mountains, rolling hills and green valleys, Bulgaria is an excellent choice for a summer destination. Located in the foothills of the highest Rhodope peak is Gela, a quiet and quaint village, steeped in history and nature – and an amazing village to get away from it all.

July and August are perfect for nature lovers. Wild flowers and herbs are ready for gathering, including the many mountain orchids, oregano, St John’s wort and thyme. Birders can spy rare species such as the Corncrake Crex, Lesser Krestrel Falco naumanni, and Saker Falcon Falco cherrug. Or immerse yourself in nature by climbing Mount Orpheus or Mount Perelik, or hike to the nearby white chapels.

July and August are also prime for traditional festivals in the region – a must when visiting!

July 17th-19th: Rozhen Folklore Festival


Rozhen Folklore Festival, photo courtesy of BulgariaTravel.org

After a 9-year break, the Rozhen Folklore Festival returns to the footsteps of the Rozhen peak. This authentic folklore festival includes:

  • a performance of 400 bagpipers
  • the choir, “Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria”
  • demonstration of traditional crafts
  • exhibition of animals, milk and meat products
  • exhibition of organic foods and drinks
  • culinary shows and barbecue
  • horse attractions
  • Valya Balkanska with the song “Izlel e Delyu Haydutin”, part of the Voyager Golden Records which were included aboard the two Voyagers spacecraft launched in 1977

July 25th: Perelik – Eco Jazz Festival


Trio Balkan Strings, photo courtesy of StarCevic.co.rs

Mount Perelik attracts musicians to a starlit concert hall, with hay bales and alpine pastures, 2,191m above sea level. Enjoy the inspirational urban sounds of jazz played by the talented saxophonist Rebelinx, the trio Balkan Strings playing Balkan  world-fusion-swing-jazz-classical music, the Eren Coskuner quartet, and the Greek jazz-fusion guitarist Sakis Zahariades and his band, Soundays.

August 1st-2nd: Gela International Bagpipe Contest


Gela International Bagpipe Contest, photo courtesy of SeeBulgaria.bg

This 48-hour, nonstop event of music and dance is not to be missed! Enjoy the largest international bagpipe competition, which also includes a folklore singing competition, in the beautiful, open-air setting of the Ilinden Meadows.

Where to stay in Gela to enjoy it to the fullest?
We recommend the luxury chalet, Villa Gella. Perfect for a family holiday or for a group of friends, Villa Gella sleeps up to 15 and offers gardens spreading over four terraces, an indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor sports centre, and al fresco dining on the terrace with its long table and BBQ.


Villa Gella, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria