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These days, most luxury holiday properties come with the expectation of a swimming pool. There are some rare and aspirational European chalets, however, where the aquatic features couldn’t be further removed from the traditional cold and heavily chlorinated rectangle.

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Dolomites, Italy

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Dolomites, Italy

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, for example, is a stunning South Tyrol former aristocrats’ hunting lodge within the imposing Italian Dolomites mountain range. It combines its swimming pool with a world class set of sophisticated wet spa facilities. They include an indoor whirlpool, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna and mood shower. The outdoor panoramic whirlpool is perhaps the most spectacular aspect of all, set at an ambient 39 degree temperature and overlooking awe-inspiring vistas.

Another stand-out feature is access to the chalet’s very own well-being coach. The wide range of quality massage and wellness treatments include many that make full use of the water attractions, incorporating pampering herbal steams and saunas.


Maison Blanche et Verte, Haute Savoie, France

Few demographics appreciate a great pool more than little ones, and the lovely Maison Blanche et Verte, situated in Petit Chatel, Haute Savoie, France prides itself on child friendliness. Its swimming pool is set completely indoors and comes with the sort of swimjet that is adored by all children. This indoor pool, and the lovely garden, are the perfect place for children to release energy, especially after a session enjoying the chalet’s very own cinema.

To complement the pool experience for the adults at Maison Blanche et Verte, beauty treatments and massages are available in-house, not to mention daily champagne and canapes, full gym and a sauna.


Chalet Toit du Monde, Savoie, France

The Savoie region boasts two other exceptional properties with stunning water features, both in Val D’Isere. At the luxuriously appointed Chalet Toit du Monde, the swimming pool enjoys a setting that is partly indoors and partly outside. An even more special feature of the red marble water attraction is that it is concealed, and can be revealed by an ingenious moving floor mechanism. Another high tech feature, perfect for both young ones and any less confident swimmers, is the adjustable pool depth. It also boasts an atmospheric lighting system.

The indoor portion of the pool can be enjoyed around the clock, and even the outside pool is open until midnight, and is a truly wonderful spot for night swimming in the mountains. A Russian fir sauna and hammam facilities plus the presence of a steam room in every bedroom complete the extraordinary offering at Chalet Toit du Monde.


Chalet Himalaya, Savoie, France

Nearby, and also in Val D’Isere, Chalet Himalaya has enjoyed a three year multi-million pound renovation recently, and one of the results is a swimming pool that would not be out of place on a glamourous film set. Set across an indoor/outdoor site, it comes with a bespoke depth adjuster, Jacuzzi and a wave machine.

Four hundred years ago Chalet Himalaya was a monastery, and it retains features such as thick stone walls and the imposing fireplace. What it has gained in the twenty first century, however, are astonishing water features, including the power every en suite bathroom has to transform its marble bath into a hammam, a rain shower, and steam rooms in every bedroom.


Villa Gella, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Villa Gella, in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria, exemplifies the charms of a chalet with a spectacular year-round offering, transcending seasonal attractions. A major part of this is its chill-proof ten metre indoor swimming pool, as well as a good-sized Jacuzzi and steam room, forming a complete spa experience within the house.

Chaise longues dot the pool terrace in the perfect sun trap, set within the four terrace structure of the stunning landscaped gardens, which also incorporate a water mirror.

An important draw in any luxury holiday property, these five exceptional swimming pools demonstrate how significant these enhancements are for the very best chalets, ensuring that they are a beguiling place to relax any month of the year.

By Phileas French, Travel Writer.