In late September a group of 10 beautiful souls from England traveled to the Salento Region of Puglia to attend the very first wellness retreat organised by Pūr Energy Life in cooperation with Passepartout Homes and Masseria il Trullino.

The 5-day Retreat took its participants through a deep healing and spiritual journey, a totally renewing and eye-opening experience to a better, calmer and more focused self.

The group arrives at the masseria

Taking place at luxury Masseria il Trullino and its neighbouring villa Masseria Ferrantino, the guests spent five days surrounded by the peaceful countryside learning about energy healing and breathing techniques, taking part in powerful group meditation and sound therapy sessions, striking poses at sunrise yoga with Loretta, relaxing with an Ayurvedic massage, taking long walks in the countryside or sun-lounging by the pool.

Pool at Masseria Ferrantino

There was food, lots of its, freshly prepared in the villa’s kitchen by profession Apulian private Chef Alessandra who spoiled the group with the most delicious breakfast and lunch meals. A modern interpretation of Salentino dishes, carefully assembled using the freshest, local ingredients and respectful of any dietary requirements.

From Apulian pasta with turnips and mozzarella to fig salad with grilled courgette, roast turkey, orange oil and green apple; from ‘meloncella’ sorbet to white focaccia with Salentino cherry tomatoes, basil and ricotta cheese, as well as fruit extracts and home-made artisanal bread.

Sunrise yoga with Loretta

The group had the chance to explore the area and learn about baroque architecture in Lecce and wonder through the cobbled streets of the fortified costal town of Otranto, with a bit of shopping on the side and more food at some of the best places to eat.

Learning cooking tips from Chef Alessandra

Wonderful ladies, all with a story to tell and caring about their own well-being. The group was blessed by mostly sunny and pleasantly warm weather which allowed for topping up the summer tan, swimming in the heated pool and reading a book under an olive tree.

Relaxing by the pool at Masseria il Trullino

The participants all left relaxed, motivated, energised and very much looking forward to the next Pūr Energy Retreat whilst striking up new, long-lasting friendships.

Visiting Lecce

Watch the video to see how the group spent its days:

Energising routines

The group was accommodated in two private villas, with each participant occupying a private bedroom. Among the amenities were two large heated pools, a tennis court, 40000 square metres of land and landscaped gardens.

Want to discover how energy affects every single area of your life? Once you learn how to understand and harness this incredible unseen force, you can truly live a life of better health and happiness.

If you are interested in participating in the next Pūr Energy Life and Passepartout Homes Retreat and find out when and when the next one will take place, let us know by filling in the form below. (We will only contact you in conjunction with the Retreat and not share your data to any third party).

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