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Luxury Holiday Villa Rentals – Golf

Masseria il Trullino, Puglia, Italy

Masseria il Trullino

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 10

From €4750/week

Masseria La Raganella Celeste, Puglia, Italy

Masseria La Raganella Celeste

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 14

From €7800/week

Terrace de Provençe, Provence, France

Terrace de Provençe

Provence, France

Sleeps 12

From €1200/night

Masseria Della Croce, Puglia, Italy

Masseria Della Croce

Puglia, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €7750/week

Villa Soleil, Provence, France

Villa Soleil

Provence, France

Sleeps 8

From €3,000/week

Traum am Wald, Tyrol, Austria

Traum am Wald

Tyrol, Austria

Sleeps 9

From €8450/week

Villa Ferraia, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Ferraia

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 28

From €14,950/week

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Dolomites, Italy

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

Dolomites, Italy

Sleeps 10

From €2300/night

Baita 1697, Piemonte, Italy

Baita 1697

Piemonte, Italy

Sleeps 18

From €11800/week

Casa Branca , Algarve, Portugal

Casa Branca

Algarve, Portugal

Sleeps 6

From €1590/week

Villa La Tosca, Aquitaine, France

Villa La Tosca

Aquitaine, France

Sleeps 15

From €16800/week

Torretta Perugina, Umbria, Italy

Torretta Perugina

Umbria, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €3100/week

Villa Elda, Lazio, Italy

Villa Elda

Lazio, Italy

Sleeps 8

From €13,000/week

Villa Ciggiano, Tuscany, Italy

Villa Ciggiano

Tuscany, Italy

Sleeps 13

From €9000/week

Villa Umberto, Umbria, Italy

Villa Umberto

Umbria, Italy

Sleeps 12

From €13000/week

Villa Giada, Umbria, Italy

Villa Giada

Umbria, Italy

Sleeps 18

From €10500/week

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