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Luxury Holiday Villa Rentals in France – All

Our unique collection of properties in France spans both the nation and every type of luxury accommodation. From well-appointed ski chalets, to stunning sea view homes, there is so much variety to capture the imagination. We offer high spec city flats and unusual historic residences as well as rural villas, so that you can sample the very best that this great country has to offer. Our French villas also share a commitment to letting you access a new aspect of a country with a plethora of globally familiar attractions, whether it’s a slow cookery class or an unusual grape variety.


Le Pigeon Voyageur, Dordogne, France

Le Pigeon Voyageur

Dordogne, France

Sleeps 16

From €190/night

Villa Auvent, Dordogne, France

Villa Auvent

Dordogne, France

Sleeps 12

From €170/night

Terrace de Provence, Provence, France

Terrace de Provence

Provence, France

Sleeps 10

From €6050/week

Villa Soleil, Provence, France

Villa Soleil

Provence, France

Sleeps 8

From €3,000/week

Chalet Abode, Savoie, France

Chalet Abode

Savoie, France

Sleeps 10

From £875/per guest per week

La Bastide de Vignes, Languedoc, France

La Bastide de Vignes

Languedoc, France

Sleeps 12

From £1380/week

Maison Blanche et Verte, Portes du Soleil, France

Maison Blanche et Verte

Portes du Soleil, France

Sleeps 12

From £15,000/week

La Renardière, Provence, France

La Renardière

Provence, France

Sleeps 8

From £4300/week

The Ecurie, Savoie, France

The Ecurie

Savoie, France

Sleeps 8

From £7000/week

Alpine Ski Lodge, Savoie, France

Alpine Ski Lodge

Savoie, France

Sleeps 9

From £5370/week

Villa La Tosca, Aquitaine, France

Villa La Tosca

Aquitaine, France

Sleeps 15

From POA

Maison Sarrazac, Dordogne Valley, France

Maison Sarrazac

Dordogne Valley, France

Sleeps 10

From €1500/week

Chalet Chopine, Savoie, France

Chalet Chopine

Savoie, France

Sleeps 10

From £9,500/week

Chalet Jejalp, Haute-Savoie, France

Chalet Jejalp

Haute-Savoie, France

Sleeps 14

From £17500/week

Chalet Elephant Blanc, Savoie, France

Chalet Elephant Blanc

Savoie, France

Sleeps 10

From £17000/week

Chalet Himalaya, Savoie, France

Chalet Himalaya

Savoie, France

Sleeps 8

From £12500/week

Chalet Toit du Monde, Savoie, France

Chalet Toit du Monde

Savoie, France

Sleeps 8

From £12500/week

Chalet One Oak, Haute-Savoie, France

Chalet One Oak

Haute-Savoie, France

Sleeps 12

From €19975/week

Les Communs, Centre - Val de Loire , France

Les Communs

Centre - Val de Loire , France

Sleeps 36

From €11880/week

Bocca d'Oro, Corsica, France

Bocca d'Oro

Corsica, France

Sleeps 10

From €6,250/week

Chalet F'Net, Haute-Savoie, France

Chalet F'Net

Haute-Savoie, France

Sleeps 4

From £3000/week

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